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The Jane Carnegie Oriental Art Library

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823 Tregear, Mary (ed) 
Arts of China: volume 1

1511 Treib, Marc; Herman, Ron 
Guide to the gardens of Kyoto, A

3351 Trubner, Henry 
Arts of the T'ang Dynasty, The

1574 Trubner, Henry; Rathbun, William Jay; Kaputa, Catherine A 
Asiatic art in the Seattle Art Museum: A selection and catalogue

3326 Ts'ao, Chao; David, Percival (trans) 
Chinese connoisseurship: The Ko kua yao lun

1829 Tsao, Hsueh-chin; Kao, Ngoh; McHugh, Florence (trans); McHugh, Isabel (trans) 
Dream of the red chamber, The: A Chinese novel of the early Ch'ing period

552 Tschichold, Jan; Watson, Katherine (trans) 
Chinese colour prints from the Ten Bamboo Studio

4318 Tsuan-tsu-ying-hua: Tapestries and embroideries 
2351 Tsudzumi, Tsuneyoshi 
Kunst Japans, Die

1736 Tsunoda, Ryusaku; Theodore de Bary, William; Keene, Donald 
Sources of Japanese tradition


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