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The Jane Carnegie Oriental Art Library

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1237 Contag, Victoria; Bullock, Michael (trans) 
Chinese masters of the seventeenth century

646 Contag, Victoria; Wang, Chi-ch'ien 
Seals of Chinese painters and collectors of the Ming and Ch'ing periods

3063 Continuum Incorporated 
Aspects of Japanese art today

2679 Conze, Edward 
Short history of Buddhism, A

3679 Cook, G S 
Chinese white wares

2846 Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish 
Indian collections in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: part IV

1630 Coral Remusat, Gilberte de 
Art Khmer, L': Les grandes etapes de son evolution 2me edition

1772 Cottrell, Leonard 
Tiger of Ch'in, The: How China became a nation

1937 Couchoud, Paul-Louis (ed); Hackin, Joseph 
Asiatic mythology

1003 Coullery, Marie-Therese; Newstead, Martin S 
Netsuke, selected pieces


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